CNC programming

Our professional programming department provides several programming terminals which complete our offerings in manufacturing processes of high-class machining. There your technical drawing will be transformed into a CNC program and sent to the production machinery via data line.

Wet blasting

Glass bead blasting, a special form of shot peening, is an iron-free cleaning and deburring process. This manufacturing process, in which glass beads are blown with pressure on the workpiece, guarantees a perfect deburring of tiny holes and a rounding of transitions. This surface treatment results in a pressure-induced tension near the surface. The Glass pearl-blasted workpieces have a matt, diffuse finish and a homogeneous surface, which produces only a few light reflections.

Compressed air blasting removes abrasive tracks, ink and welding residues and other contaminants from materials treated this way. August Müller CNC-Zerspanungstechnik is your partner for the perfect surface finish of your components made of die-cast aluminum, bronze, copper, brass, stainless steel or even wood. We are pleased to offer you other blasting methods according to your standard.

Wire eroding and electric discharge machining

The lower eroding, also called countersunk erosion, is a method of the spark EDM (Electrical discharge machining). The spark erosive removal according to DIN 8580 is a thermally debaseing process of workpiece manufacturing from conductive materials. An electrode generates sparks on the workpiece to be machined,wherein the electrode represents the negative form of the workpiece surface to be created. The process is carried out in a non-conductive medium such as oil or deionized water by bringing the tool to the materials such as hard metal, brass, copper and copper alloys (mostly with tungsten) or graphite.

In this process, a spark strikes, this melts the material punctiform and evaporates at this point. August Müller CNC-Zerspanungstechnik GmbH works with both spark erosion drilling, drilling erosion and spark erosion cutting, where a wire acts as an electrode. This manufacturing process is wire eroding In addition, we can produce with spark erosion sinks. The electrode is then pressed into the workpiece as a negative mold.


For this production process, August Müller CNC-Zerspanungstechnik offers you a multitude of different CNC machines, with which almost any workpiece geometry can be produced. With our long lathes we manufacture workpieces according to DIN 8589 in up to 500 mm in length with extremely thin diameter. With the rotary milling centres, which can handle components up to a ø of 650mm and a length of up to 4.5 m, you also have a state-of-the-art, precise production technology that leaves nothing to be desired. Wether round turning, turning the plane, turning the profile or turning the shape: we have the hang of it!


Our extensive range of milling machines allows the production of single, small and large series of metals and plastics of various kinds. August Müller CNC-Zerspanungstechnik GmbH uses state-of-the-art milling machines in accordance with DIN 8589,  these enable a five-sided and five-axis, simultaneous machining of workpieces, no matter if they are face milling, round milling or profile milling. This cutting-edge milling technology ensures the highest precision of positional tolerances, since a multiple span of the workpiece is omitted, thus shortening the production times and errors in the processing are significantly reduced. The software-controlled 5-axis machining enables millimeter precision production up to three decimal places.


We get all the blaze

In CNC machining, tensions within the workpiece can be caused by non-constant cooling. This residual stress can be reduced by a low-temperature heating, the stress relief annealing, so the workpiece’s service life is increased through the heat treatment of the steel or aluminum in our kiln. In our annealing furnace, we can manufacture stress-relieve heated parts with dimensions of 750 × 1100 × 40 mm at temperatures of up to 1,200 ° Celsius. August Müller CNC-Zerspanungstechnik GmbH complies with the DIN 8580 and EN 10052 standards for all heating furnace treatments, as we attach great importance to the quality and longevity of our production units in our state-of-the-art machine park. Another piece of mosaic, offering you full-service from a single source. We are happy to offer you other annealing methods according to your standard.


The so-called honing or drawing grinding is a chip-differentiating manufacturing process with bound grain and belongs to the machining with geometric indeterminate cutting according to DIN 8589. Through the process of achieving a required surface quality and contemporaneous shaping like cylindricity, i.e. improving the accuracy of dimensions and shapes, literally adds the finishing touches to workpieces. The surface treatment by circular grinding leads to the improvement of the material properties in terms of friction, wear, lubrication and abrasion and is the last production step in the production sequence. This type of fine sanding of metallic surfaces is of great importance for machine and equipment production. At August Müller CNC-Zerspanungstechnik GmbH, cross grinding machines are used for honing processes. We are glad to offer other honing processes according to your standard.

Laser markings

After quality control in the factory quality assurance by August Müller CNC-Zerspanungstechnik each workpiece receives an individual laser engraving according to customer requirements.

Our laser marking machine works with the following dimensions and data for engraving:

Abmessung: X300 Y300 Z250
Wellenlänge: 1064 mm
Ausgangsleitung: 10 W

Measuring technologies

Our quality assurance department provides two 3D coordinate measuring machines and a 3D contour and surface measuring machine with a resolution of less than 10nm for all measuring methods. All measurement results with our measuring tools are recorded on request. All measuring machines with state-of-the-art 3D measuring technology are located in a separate measuring room where a constant temperature of 20 ° ± 2 ° Celsius prevails. To determine exact dimensions of the manufactured workpieces, our measuring systems operate according to the German standard DIN 1319.

To ensure the most accurate test results, the sensors of the test equipment at August Müller CNC-Zerspanungstechnik GmbH are regularly calibrated and adjusted. Calibrated devices are immensely important in mechanical engineering and industrial production to ensure consistent quality, thus we meet the highest demands of our customers. Our quality department contributes a large part to the reduction of measurement deviations and correction of the manufactured parts.


Standard materials


Tool steels

High-grade steel up to V4a + special Va


Brass – bronze – copper-beryllium


Special materials

Titanium alloys

17-4 PH


Caro Bronze

Inconel 718


Roller bearing steel

Duplex steels


Everything in shape

We are producing under national and international standards!


The molding-straightening is a forming manufacturing process according to DIN 8580, which serves to improve the dimensional accuracy of workpieces and is often used after annealing or hardening of round or profiled steel parts. The MAE shaft straightening press from August Müller CNC-Zerspanungstechnik GmbH impacts the workpiece on a maximum length of 1,000 millimeters with 250 kilo Newton and thus aligns it. We manufacture, harden, straighten and subject your machine parts or other workpieces to a final measurement control in our own measuring room.


High quality grinding

Grinding is one of the classic surface treatment processes and is one of the oldest manufacturing processes. When it comes to high surface quality and minimum manufacturing tolerances, grinding is particularly suitable because it is a high-quality cutting process. With our vacuum clamping table for distortion-free clamping of workpieces, we at August Müller CNC-Zerspanungstechnik GmbH have the possibilities for precise flat grinding. We also have many years of experience in processing with CBN and corundum grinding wheels and are approved suppliers of swivel-free ground shaft seal seats, which we can measure and record.

Since 2013, we have also been manufacturing in accordance with the process of flow grinding for the postprocessing of workpieces with complex shaped contours. Here, an abrasive paste is used, which is individually adapted to the workpiece to be machined in size, type and amount of grain.
Since 2015 we also work in the vibratory finishing process, the so-called barrel finishing according to DIN 8589. Other high-quality grinding methods from our wide range of products include flat grinding, top and inner grinding as well as centerless grinding in our modern machine park.


In this production process according to DIN 8589, cutting pressure and material specifications can be specified precisely. Computer-controlled saws guarantee an extremely high cutting accuracy (thus low material consumption) for an optimal cut and accurate cuttings of excellent quality.

The maximum diameter that our sawing machines can handle is 400 millimeters. We will be pleased to make larger sawing dimensions possible for you at August Müller CNC-Zerspanungstechnik on request.

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